Email Etiquette Training

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Email Etiquette Training for Corporates in Chennai


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Period : (36 - 48) hours

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What will I learn?

Explain illustration when sending email is necessary and appropriate.

How to avoid mistakes while writing an email to clients.

How to Reply and forward messages to clients.

How to send Perfect email to Right Client.

How to do Spell-checking and proofreading while writing an email.

Why should I do this course?

Is your MAIL DIRECT GOES in Spam? Your Content did not impress Clients?

Then make sure you’re using it correctly.

Learn the email etiquette and explore the charmed behind word. E-mail is the most important business device in today’s workplace it’s something you use every day, possibly without thinking too much about it. It’s the most important communication tool on the planet which Allows instant discussion and direction, it lets you spread people on all corners of the globe. But look out! You may be sending the wrong message without even realizing it! Like it or not, e-mail style is a direct reflection of your professional reputation. Don’t risk your Business reputation on e-mail errors. Attend E-mail Etiquette Training and ensure your employees for not sending the wrong message again!


Our Email Etiquette Training programme mainly focuses to understand the concept of Email will help your employees how to write professionally and brand Transmission emails. In this training your employee will develop a sharp responsiveness of the potential risks of digital communication.This Email Etiquette Training mainly focus on to provide powerful techniques while writing an email. Your employee definitely came to know how to write an effective and clear email. This email Etiquette Training programme is designed to help employees to know the appropriate use of email.

Adopt the Best Email etiquette Training for your organization & Eliminate confusion, miscommunication, and ambiguity, while increasing professionalism.

Email Etiquette Training