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Java J2SE Training for Software Developers in Chennai


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Period : (36 - 48) hours

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What will I learn?

Create fully functioning complex desktop applications.

Analyze any Java programs and make changes.

Strong knowledge in OOPs concept.


  • Basic understanding of OOP.


Also known as Core Java, this is the most basic and standard version of Java.It’s the purest form of Java, a basic foundation for all other editions.

It consists of a wide variety of general purpose API’s (like java.lang, java.util) as well as many special purpose APIs

J2SE is mainly used to create applications for Desktop environment.

It consist all the basics of Java the language, variables, primitive data types, Arrays, Streams, Strings Java Database Connectivity(JDBC) and much more. This is the standard, from which all other editions came out, according to the needs of the time.

The famous JVM of Java, the heart of Java development, was also given by this edition only.It’s because of this feature, that Java has such a wide usage.