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Telephone Etiquette Corporate Training

Category : Corporate Personality Development Training

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Period : (36 - 48) hours

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What will I learn?

How To Appropriately Uses Of Toning And Voice

How Deal With Multiple Callers.

How End The Call In A Positive Manner.

How Take Messages Professionally And Accurately.

What Is The Best Way To Transfer The Caller To Another Person?

Why should I do this course?

Is your leads cant converted into sales? Are your employees targeting the client by exact way? Is your employees stuck up in phone conversation?

Build the best Customer service team by simply learning the Telephone Etiquette.

As we all know when you get the leads, the first step is to make a telephone conversation with your clients. All the future steps are depending upon this, on first only if u talk rudely, all you effort goes waste. Effective communication over the phone is essential for any organization. And it mainly relies on customer service to grow its customer base. Most customer service representatives have basic phone operating assistances in areas such as how to answer the phone in a professional manner or how to greeting the customer. However, many customer service teams lack the crucial etiquette and speaking and listening skills that set apart profitable and professional organizations. One of the most common ways to interact with your customers is through the telephone. Therefore, having an understanding of telephone etiquette will make a large impact to your customers and your profits. Your organization reputation for service largely depends on how well your staff handles incoming and outgoing calls. Customer either get delight or deny it largely depend upon how we used the tonality of the voice & the words which we used. If your customer can’t understand what you said up to the level, then it is really need to know how to carry Telephone Etiquette


At Aristocrat we carry Telephone Etiquette Training for corporates .Our “Telephone Etiquette” training build your employees Telephone skill and master the techniques that will enhance your company’s image. This training includes dynamic interactions and discussions, written and oral exercises, voice recordings, case studies, reflection, quizzes and a workbook for each participant to take back to the workplace. Our training focuses on the most important and fundamental telephone skills for every service professional.

Get The Best Training Of Telephone Etiquette And Let You Customer Receive The Best Call From You.