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Time Management Training


Category : Corporate Personality Development Training

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Experienced Trainers

Period : (36 - 48) hours

 Certification of Completion

What will I learn?

Gain Control On Daily Task By Reducing Stress.

Realize When You Work Best.

Manage Work Priorities And Workloads

Stay Healthy In Mind And Body, Even When Under Pressure.

Develop A Range Of Practical And Working Tools And Techniques.

Training is for:

  • All employees who is expected to manage high workloads and changing priorities, effectively. Provided that there is a step of independence in how individuals establish their work, and they are prepared to take control of those elements that are within their remit, they will find this course invaluable.

Why should I do this course?

Is your project getting Delay? Are your employees goes in stress while handling Projects? Obtain Them How To Manage Time And Grasp The Changes As we all know we expect from our employees to do more work than before. But fitted deadlines, last minute variations, fast schedules, modern communications added to the pressure. To avoid these all, your organization need to be an effective in planning your workload and managing their time. Improving time management is not just about learning to say ‘no’. It’s about allowing your employees to develop a range of practical strategies and give them options to build a realistic action plan. If your employee can’t manage your time effectively, you will have a hard time managing anything else. Yet, most of your employees waste precious minutes, hours, even days, reacting to what is going on around them rather than developing skills that will keep them to move forward and accomplishing their most important goals. But If you find yourself constantly working extra hours just to keep up then it is the real need to adopt Time Management training.


At aristocrat we undertake the Time Management training for Corporates. This training helps to understand yourself, your body clock, when you work at your best and focus on your greatest opportunities. It will build the attitude f time management and your organizational culture. Employee gets to know how to avoid Time traps and interruptions by understanding and modifying attitudes and habits, managing workload and delay. Employees will understand the principles of planning and delegation to consume all of the resources available to be more efficient and effective. Time Management training also help to think about your Employees health and wealth to manage and reduce stress levels.