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Train the Trainer Training for Corporates in Chennai


Category : Corporate Personality Development Training

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Experienced Trainers

Period : (36 - 48) hours

 Certification of Completion

What will I learn?

Discover & Develop Comfort and Confidence in Trainee.

Understand the Group (audience) Dynamics.

Handle Sarcasm, Fear and Battle.

Create a Dynamic Training Program.

Create Energy in the Training Room.

Boost Management Skills.

Use Your Personal Strengths to Your Advantage in the Training Room.

Train the Trainer

Want to become a trainer with a reputation for delivering great-impact programs? Become a brand of your Company. Join Our Train the Trainer program to find out what it takes. One of the biggest assets at any company that seems to be constantly overlooked is employees.   Employees needs to feel valued and that the company respects and wants them to grow and exceed their professional goals.  One of the best ways to do this is through training in the workplace.  

The effective transfer of training depends a lot on the trainer because it is the trainer only who can remove the mental block of trainee, inspire the trainee to learn, delete the undesirable observation of the trainee regarding the training. Besides all that, a lot depends on personality of trainer also. Training is a process of gaining knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to fill the gap between what people want to do, and what they are able to do now. In order to teach a trainer how to train well, learning by doing approach is best. So if you want to create the best trainers for your company, adopting Training programmer for your trainer adding benefits for sure.


Our Train the Trainer program allows you to sharpen your skills in determining the needs of the audience, handling hecklers and bring about dramatic improvement in your professional appeal. You will be coached by people with strong corporate backgrounds, and experience and exposure even in the most niche areas of the profession. Equipped with a ready understanding of the business context and the actual challenges you face, they will link up powerful theories and techniques to relevant work situations using real world examples.